Thank you for simplifying

This blog is no longer necessary. Thanks to those who followed along. The Universal Stratagem for the Simplification of the Visual Landscape, however, is just getting started and updates can be viewed at

street wheelin’

Went off without a hitch. Video coming soon with some beautiful cinematography by Josh Cohen.

wheel done!

The Simplification Express will be making its debut on Manhattan sidewalks this saturday; more details forthcoming.

Curious neighbor.

Spackled up.

Painted up.

White vinyl edge-covering for superior durability.


wheel side 2 update

I’ve decided that because of number 7’s popularity, it will be best suited to advertise this project.


Coming soon: some non circle-centric options

floor tiles

These would cover individual tiles on either indoor floor tiles or their outdoor equivalents.

wheel side 2

One side of the street wheelin’ express will have the TUSFTSOTVL logo, but the other side needs to be more of an advertisement. Let me know what you think of these?








Looking forward to not being at this stage anymore: